VBF Perfect

zurück VBF Perfect Prospekt VBF/SPOT 2-Zone HEPA H14 Defence Plymoth ”PERFECT SPOT 2-Zone” Airpurifiers 1, 2 or 4 Diffusion Arms. Plymoth “PERFECT SPOT” Airpurifier will help You to distribute 99.995% Virus free air where you need it – IMMEDIATELY! Protect You and Your collegues against Covid-19 and other Virus/Bacteria. With Plymoth “PERFECT SPOT” You will […]

VBF Superior 2-Zone

zurück VBF Superior 2-Zone Prospekt Plymoth VBF “Superior 2-Zone” Air Purifier Immediately 99.995% Virus Free Air at the Table.For Coffee-, Lunch- and Meeting Rooms. “Plug and Play” Product. HEPA H14 Filter. By just having a normal conversation aerosolized virus and bacteria remain in the air for long periods. This can transmit severe colds and Corona […]


zurück VBF Prospekt Plymoth “VBF-S HEPA H14” Professional Airpurifiers Combat Covid-19 and Virus/Bacteria.Professional Airpurifiers for Coffee-, Lunch- and Meeting Rooms, Offices, Schools, Restaurants, Waiting Rooms and so on…. Plymoth VBF-S HEPA H14 Airpurifiers are directing the 99.995% Virus/Bacteria free air upwards/sideways. They are used indoors for reducing Corona- and other Virus in the air. There […]